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Friday, August 1, 2008

Save a life and enrich your own- ADOPT A GREYHOUND!

Meet Bella!

Plenty of ideas for blog posts swirl around in my head, but this morning I knew what the subject would be: an urgent matter! It's urgent because TOMORROW, Saturday Aug. 2, here in Tacoma you will have a chance to be introduced to the world's most beautiful, elegant and imperiled dogs, the breed called greyhounds. These are retired racers and the blunt truth is shocking to those who don't know. Despite the relentless efforts of thousands of volunteers from various dog rescue organizations, only HALF will be saved. That means HALF of these amazing animals WILL be put to death simply because they are no longer making money for humans! Every time I look into the loving brown eyes of my own greyhound, who was retired at less than two years old because of a pulled muscle, I think of that, and shudder.

During the Victorian era dog breeding became a popular hobby and many of the types we see today were developed in that time. The long flowing figure of the greyhound, however, is one you will recognize from museum pieces, pottery, and artwork. They appeared on coins as early as 500 B.C., but even more amazing is knowing that ancient cave paintings in France, from as long as 15,000 years ago, show greyhounds! If you are lucky enough to own one you'll understand why they have been inspiring reverence since the beginning of history. My husband and I do, because we have Bella. Before she changed our lives forever another greyhound owner said to us that living with a greyhound was "an incredible experience". I now know she was trying to put into words what is almost beyond description. This experience can be yours too.

This weekend at the Proctor Arts Fest street fair, in the Proctor District of Tacoma, the non-profit Greyhound Pets Inc. will have a booth, #506 in front of the Wag Pet Market at 2703 N. Proctor st. Volunteers will be there with dogs for you to meet, informative literature, and answers to all your questions about greyhound adoption. It was through this event two years ago that my husband and I took the first steps toward what turned out to be a life-changing experience: owning a greyhound.

If you live in Tacoma you may have seen our dog Bella even if you don't know us. You could have seen my husband walking her around the Proctor District where we do a lot of business and know a lot of people, or anywhere in Point Defiance Park, or in our "West End" neighborhood, or even at Lowe's where she's been known to shop. She's a regular at the Proctor Farmers' Market too. Bella has a whole network of "friends" all over Tacoma, who have their dog treats ready, just in case she comes for a visit. If you happen to be one of the hundreds of people who said to us "Is that a greyhound?" or "Wow, what a beautiful dog!" you'd remember how she was eager to meet you but wouldn't think of jumping on you or even barking. Bella's good manners charm everyone and we never miss an opportunity to tell people the story of how she nearly lost her life over a minor injury that was healed in a few weeks.

This sweet dog makes me smile everyday. Perhaps it sounds crazy, but a lot of greyhound owners swear the dogs understand that their lives have been saved, and feel eternally grateful. All they want is to please you, love you, and be part of the family. There attributes are too numerous to list, so I encourage you to read the information on the website of Greyhound Pets Inc., or better yet, get out to Proctor on Saturday and fall in love in person!

The booth will be open from 10 AM to 6 PM. We can't be there all day, but we'll be around, so if you recognize Bella from this photo please come up to us and say hello!
Thanks for reading my blog and do consider coming to this event.


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