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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alpine wildflowers and motherhood in nature-- more hiking photos from Mount Rainier's Wonderland Trail

Tacoma hiker and photographer Maryann Huang can't seem to stay home these days, and that's fine with me. Every time I receive an e-mail from her I know I'm in for a treat. So are you. On August 4, I posted some of her photos from the Snow Lake Trail in Washington's Cascades, and I thought those couldn't be surpassed. But a few days ago she picked up her camera and headed for the Wonderland Trail, 93 miles of challenging terrain that takes you in a circular tour around Mount Rainier. She captured the scenery, the wildflowers, and more, witnessing a rare sight I'll share at the end. Just click on each photo to see a larger version. Enjoy.

1 comment:

JoyCorcoran said...

David Evans gave out a link to your site on facebook and I really enjoy it. I love the photographs and your wonderful writing. You have a great outlook on life. I'm not a native, I'm from the South, so I enjoy reading about all the abundant beauty around me here. My husband and I may be moving into an apartment without a washer and dryer and were just discussing clothes lines. How wonderful to find your post! Thanks for making my day better.