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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer! Join me in the garden.

If you are reading this from somewhere other than Western Washington, let me tell you the big news; we're all in shock today. It's really summer, with the weather to prove it, after weeks of unseasonably cool, cloudy and often damp days. Like we always say, "When it's nice here, there is no place nicer."

Outside my open upstairs window here in Tacoma, I see nothing but blue sky framed by a fringe of green leaves that tremble in the breeze. I'm restless. All those delicious summer days of childhood come to mind. (Read "Dandelion Summers")

A friend e-mailed this morning and told me I should do something nice for myself today, to celebrate the arrival of summer. So I did. I took a break from my writing jobs, closed the lid on my laptop, and went outside to wander through the garden. Want to come along?

In the front yard, my senses thrill to the sweet scent of sun warmed California lilac, now covered with buzzing honey bees that bear cargoes of yellow pollen. I welcome the golden sun, and its warmth, as I welcome the gold finches that come to my feeder in the mornings now. Roses climb the trellis. All is right with the world. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you from Santa Fe, NM for the Happy Summer! Beautiful flowers, they make me want to be in Washington again.

Candace Brown said...

Dear "Anonymous" from Sante Fe,
Thanks so much for sending your nice comment from as far away as New Mexico. I'm glad you enjoyed this post and hope you'll visit Good Life Northwest again. Remember, Washington is only a click away.

Best wishes for a great summer,

Anonymous said...

Oh what beauty!! I loved joining you in the garden,,I have never been to Washington. I had no idea that it was so beautiful. I realize that your flowers didn't plant and nurture themselves, so congradulations have created a place that anyone would enjoy walking through..slowly. I wouldn't want to miss anything there.