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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Natalie Gelman 

I have not yet had the pleasure of hearing the acclaimed Alyse Black live, so why am I promoting her show this Wednesday night, August 6, at the Triple Door in Seattle, with Natalie Gelman opening? Of course I know it will be good, just based on videos and credentials, (read more here) but there's another reason.

If anyone reading this happened to be at the Chalet Bowl Stage at the Proctor Arts Fest in Tacoma between 4:15 p.m and 5:30 p.m. last Saturday, Aug. 2, you know why I want to spread the word about Natalie Gelman. I managed that stage, for the third year in a row, and saw a phenomenon. By late afternoon on a hot day, many festival goers are tired and starting to drift away. It can be a struggle for performers in that time slot, but it certainly was not for the young singer/songwriter I'd hired. Natalie attracted, and held, the largest audience the Chalet Bowl Stage has ever seen during the last set. That audience included not only those seated, but also people who stood outside the tent until the very end at 5:30. Then they wanted more. They didn't want her to stop singing. 

So who is Natalie Gelman? She is a great talent, a beautiful young woman with a beautiful old soul, whose original lyrics and haunting voice can mesmerize people of all ages. Not only that, she was completely charming and natural. The audience fell in love with her. Here is a little bio from Natalie's website: 

"This street performing NYC troubadour has won over hearts across the country with her music, soulful voice, and dynamic songwriting. Natalie Gelman has performed everywhere from a subway platform to Carnegie Hall, finding herself in national publications like the NY Times and Billboard magazine because of it. Often compared to Sheryl Crow, Joni Mitchell and Jewel, Natalie is an artist in her own right - called “Simply Terrific” by the NY Post and named the 'poster girl for the solo, storytelling singer/songwriter' by Music Connection Magazine."

If you can't make it to the Seattle show, click here for her schedule of upcoming shows through this weekend, in Snoqualmie, Port Townsend, Darrington, and Camas, in Washington State, followed by many more in Oregon. 

At the bottom of the schedule page, you can hear (and buy) Natalie's original song, "The Lion," one she performed at Proctor Arts Fest. Why not check it out? 
You will be glad you did. Her she is on You Tube.

Again, here's your link to the Triple Door Box Office. Don't miss this show.

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