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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April afternoon in Tacoma

For the moment the sun is out and beaming in my window as I write. A recent shower left the feathery new tips of evergreen branches adorned with sparkles,scattered like glitter with each gust of wind. From my second story window I look down on green grass, the white fringe of Japanese Magnolia, daffodils and my patch of primroses, in crayon box colors.

Whether you live here in the Pacific Northwest or someplace far away, it's spring! The thought I want to share today is that we all need to immerse ourselves in the feeling of spring, a sense of renewal and happy anticipation of the good things coming into our lives. No matter what your life has been, the long winter is over and possibilities are limitless. Live in a state of gratitude and wonder!

In this blog I'll be sharing ideas for ways of making the most of your life, especially if you live in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. Be looking for information on fun free or low cost things to do, what's fresh in the farmers' markets, where you can catch an interesting workshop, demonstration, exhibit, festival, nature walk, concert, lecture, or other enriching experience. Check here for tips on saving money when shopping for everything you need. I love bargains!

Each week I'll feature a local business owner, artist, community activist, or other individual among the many who make this a better place for all of us. Don't be surprised to open my blog and find a book or theater review, a recipe, poem, or inspiring quote. Anything can happen here, because just like spring, everyday is a fresh start on a happier, more interesting and fulfilling life! Thanks for visiting Good Life Northwest. Come back soon.

Best Wishes,

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