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Friday, April 11, 2008

A Man With a Mission -- and wonderful FREE or DISCOUNTED offerings!

Good Morning! It really will be, because today I'm coming through for you with the things I promised when I started this blog: introductions to interesting people who are making a difference in our world, ways to make life better, and ideas for saving money while doing so.

Let me tell you about Geoff Rinehart...

Here is a man who must get up every morning excited about his job, knowing that while a lot of people talk about the environment and what needs to be done, he's actually out there DOING something, day after day, and he does it with heartfelt passion. Geoff works for the Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department, but he really works for ALL of us. One aspect of his job is educating home gardeners about the ways in which their choices impact not only their own health but the health of everyone in the community AND the health of our planet. This is a "grass roots" effort is there ever was one!

My husband met this dynamic person a year ago when he attended a a free natural gardening workshop Geoff taught in the Proctor neighborhood of Tacoma. I couldn't go, unfortunately, but my husband came home so excited about the evening. He had learned a lot and was loaded down with wonderful literature, coupons, magazines, and most of all, great inspiration which this man created with his enthusiasm for his work. The subject of natural gardening is near and dear to my heart, so I was disappointed that I hadn't been there.

Then recently Geoff contacted us to let us know about some new workshops he's doing this spring. I jumped at the opportunity like a hungry robin after a worm! These workshops are FREE!!! But space is limited. I will share the basic information with you here, but if you have questions or would like to reserve a seat please contact: Geoff Rinehart at 253-798-4587 or email him at
Please remember that your interest and participation in this type of important educational opportunity helps to keep such programs alive and growing!

In North Tacoma, sponsored by the Tacoma/Pierce Co. Health Department (as they all are) along with the Point Defiance Zoo, which is the workshop location:

Wednesday April 16th- Natural Lawn Care and Sustainable Garden Design
Wednesday April 30th-Growing Healthy Soil and Backyard Composting
Wednesday May 14-Garden Pest Management and Smart Watering
All are 6:30-8:30 pm with refreshments and door prize!

In Lakewood, at Lakewood City Hall, sponsored by Tacoma/Pierce Co. Health Department along with the City of Lakewood and the Lakewood Water District:

Wednesday April 23rd-Soil Basics and Backyard Composting
Thursday May 8th- Sustainable Garden Design and Smart Watering
Both are 6:30-8:3o

In Puyallup/South Hill, at the South Hill Library-
Thursday May 15th- Natural Lawn Care and Garden Pest Management
Thursday May 22nd-Soil Basics and Backyard Composting
Thursday May 29th-Sustainable Garden Design and Smart Watering
All are 6:30-8:30


Geoff also told me about how he's been coordinating with Tacoma Water to produce some wonderfully helpful and informative Natural Yard Care brochures, which will be available at the Health Department and also distributed at workshops, fairs and festivals.

What's more, he made me aware of a regional program called Northwest Natural Yard Days. This is very exciting because retailers are cooperating with this program by offering DISCOUNTS on less toxic and alternative pest control products, as well as push reel and mulching mowers, April 15th-May 15th. Check out:

Another thing...have you noticed the link I've added for Envirostars? Be sure to check that out!

Workshops: Geoff Rinehart at 253-798-4587 or email him at

Sharing all of this with you is so much fun, and somehow, through the power of attraction in the universe, I'm finding out about all these people and events that fit the goals of my blog perfectly. The ideas are popping up just like the bulbs in your yard. Stay tuned! There is much more to come that you won't want to miss.

My greyhound is letting me know it's time for a walk, and the sun is shining, so goodbye for now. Let's visit again tomorrow.

Best Wishes,

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