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Monday, August 26, 2013


On Sunday night, more than ever before in my life, I felt the urge to fly. I wanted to be far higher than my location would allow in order to fully appreciate the spectacular sunset. It began with an eerie golden glow on the clouds without the sun actually being visible. (All of these photos are completely unedited, taken with my point-and-shoot digital on the "scenes" setting and "sunset" selected.)

Like all sunsets and most of life's richest experiences, this one required "being in the moment." It changed from one second to the next. From its beginning of a luminous apricot color, it deepened quickly to a more reddish hue while tints of purple crept in. Soon a crack in the cloud cover appeared on the horizon. The previously hidden fiery sun burned beyond, igniting the edges of the fissure with electric brilliance.

By this time, lines of dots started to appear, as shown above. I wish I could have capture an image of the patterns of orange against purple that developed, changed, and disappeared before me.

The original widespread orange glow had disappeared, overtaken by purple clouds. There on the horizon, the setting sun blazed through its final glory. Then it, too, was gone.
As I first became aware of that strange golden glow from my home office window in Tacoma, my husband saw it from the summit of Snoqualmie Pass on his way home from Eastern Washington. I wonder how many others happened to notice this drama in the sky. Did you? In case you missed it, I hope you enjoy these photos.
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Carolyn Osborne said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing your words as well as you talent for photography!

Anonymous said...

I too, was in Tacoma last night but didn't see the sunset like this. It was very overcast as we left at 7pm and rained in Seattle. Weird huh? You were blessed to have seen & experienced it!

Candace Brown said...

Thanks, Carolyn and Rita, for reading this post and leaving your nice comments. Yes, I was very lucky and I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. A friend wrote to say he and his wife saw that golden sky from Bellingham too. Another friend sent me a great photo he took of the sunset as seen from Carkeek Park west of Shoreline. I hope he will share it on the Good Life Northwest Facebook page (