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Monday, October 7, 2013

RECIPE — Perfect Morning with Memory Leftovers from the DEVOTED KISS CAFE'

 Devoted Kiss Café on Gig Harbor

Ingredients for recipe:

1 nice husband (select type with just the right amount of impulsiveness)

1 unbelievably gorgeous Sunday morning in October

2 extra hours of sleep after a busy week

3 times your normal energy

1 good intention of getting right to work on projects (optional)

2 minutes spent considering making breakfast at home

1 delightful surprise with intriguing name

1.)         Mix first three ingredients together gently, knowing they are rare and precious. Fold in energy. Discard good intention, since you know you are kidding yourself anyway.

2.)         After two minutes of consideration have passed, discard thought of cooking at home when nice husband comes in the door after walking dog and says, “So… do you want to go out for breakfast?”

3.)         Get in car. Observe husband driving toward Tacoma Narrows Bridge while you wonder why. When husband drives onto bridge, ask him “Where are we going for breakfast?” Since he doesn't answer, ask “Is it a surprise?” When he says, “You’ll see,” just smile. Predict in your mind that it’s some place in Gig Harbor and set timer for ten minutes.


4.)         Discover delightful surprise when husband drives to 8809 North Harborview Drive #203, Gig Harbor, WA 98332. See sign that says “Devoted Kiss Café.”  Add big smile and a pinch of curiosity. This place is the manifestation of a catering company owner's dream.


5.)         Sit down inside for a moment and order from interesting menu. Then realize you must be crazy to be indoors. Pick up silverware and napkins and hurry out onto deck. Sit down at table for two in corner. Gaze at view of water, boats, the village of Gig Harbor, and autumn leaves. Say, “Wow” in a long drawn-out manner. Pour sunshine over all ingredients and heat to unseasonably balmy temperature.
6.)         Fill fork with bite of Breakfast Burrito, the best you've ever had. (Menu says, “Your choice of sausage or ham with pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, peppers, bacon, avocado & egg folded into a warm sundried tomato tortilla and grilled. Served with fresh cut morning potatoes.”) Share some with husband who is having perfectly cooked thick bacon, eggs done exactly to order, and the coolest little pieces of toast you've ever seen. Husband offers you a bite. Take it. Yum.
7.)         Mix all the above together with good conversation plus several steaming cups of Cutters Point Coffee, poured by the friendly café owner herself.


8.)         Test wonderful experience for doneness, but decide you can’t leave this place yet. Order the Lemon Brioche muffin to share with husband. Look at each other and sigh as you cut it in half, only to discover hidden treasure of tart, lemony goodness inside. Taste. Close eyes. With trembling hands, take picture that will turn out slightly blurry.
9.)         Thank cheerful waitress for excellent service. Thank cook for excellent food. Leave, hesitantly, knowing you WILL return as soon as possible.

10.)       Wander down to the water’s edge. Drive around harbor to marina and wander some more. Be grateful for nice husband, the Devoted Kiss Café, sunny mornings in October, and the joy of spontaneity. Kiss husband. Wrap memory leftovers of perfect morning in heart and keep for remainder of life.

If you don't know where Gig Harbor, WA, is, look at this map.

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See you there!





Anonymous said...

Very sweet and your recollection of the morning's memories are also delightful. Thank you for the concoction!

Reed said...

That is one of the most fun and cute pieces I've read in a long time.

Should I be surprised? No, look who wrote it :)

Anonymous said...

Life is GOOD in Gig Harbor - luv Devoted Kiss
Thanks for visiting...

Candace Brown said...

Thank you all, for your nice comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.