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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Members of Embla Lodge No. 2 Daughters of Norway Leikkaring dance group. Photo by Sue Benz

Even if you don't have a drop of Nordic blood in your veins, you will feel as welcome as any Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finish, or Icelandic American at this delightful event. On October 8, 2016, Tacoma's Embla Lodge No. 2, Daughters of Norway, will again present the annual Nordic Festival at Edgemont Jr. High School,  2300  110th Ave. E., Edgewood, Washington, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For those living in the Puget Sound area's crowded urban environments, imagine a fun event for the whole family with plenty of FREE PARKING and an admission price of only $2.00. Better yet, children under 12 get in FREE. When was the last time you treated your loved ones, or yourself, to so much fun for such a low cost?
In addition to enjoying dance, live music, demonstrations, and more, you can eat and shop all day. Discover items you just don't see in stores (except for the few and disappearing Scandinavian specialty shops). Everything from imported foods and ingredients to handmade needlework and crafts, household items, vintage Nordic collectibles, sweaters, and even reproduction Viking artifacts will be available.

As a matter of fact, so are some Vikings (or at least those who preserve Viking history). 

Plan to have lunch at the Nordic Café, because it isn't often you can dine on freshly prepared traditional Nordic foods. Close your eyes and imagine the aroma of tender meatballs in savory gravy...mmmmm. For dessert, visit the baked goods table, where you can purchase those famous butter-rich cookies at a ridiculously low price, to take home.
These ladies have been busy preparing lefse, just for you.

Cookies for sale! Photo by Sue Benz.

Listen to the Normana Men's Choir as well as some lively folk music played in the authentic style. 


A warm welcome awaits you, so please put this on your calendar. 
You will thank me later!

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1 comment:

KaCe said...

Wonder if they'll have kumla (potato dumplings in ham broth). I loved my Aunt Myrt's. Yum.