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Friday, October 7, 2016


While the rain falls outside, attendees of the 2016 Tacoma Film Festival won't even notice. Nothing distracts from what's happening outdoors like the indoor pleasures of flickering movie screen and the smell of hot, buttered popcorn. Then there is the excitement of being part of the exclusivity, the chance to meet the filmmakers in person, and being among the first to see independently created films that might go on to become legendary. From Oct. 6-Oct. 13, you can choose from a delicious smorgasborg ranging from serious drama to humor, from flights of fancy to breathtaking documentaries. Take a look at this trailer for the film Ocean Stories: the Halls— 

Some of the films you will see have been hits at other film festivals, domestic and foreign; some are complete surprises; some even involve virtual reality. You can see local selections, shorts, and children's films, like the best films gleaned from the New York International Children's Film Festival. 

My dictionary defines "independent" as "not subject to control by others," and in the world of film, that translates to artistic freedom, the unleashing of creativity. Now more than ever, our society needs fresh voices and more honest ways to look at life, our world, and the real human experiences hidden behind headlines. This event, however, is a challenge for the indecisive. How does a person selection from 150 films and 13 special events? I'm going to see as many as I can.

You can start by looking at this online version of the program. Then, buy your tickets. You don't want to miss this!

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