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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tacoma Hiker Glorifies Cascade Range With Her Photos

Since no words can adequately describe the beauty of these three photos taken by my friend Maryann Huang, I'll keep them to a minimum and give you more time to just stare in awe. She used a Canon digital camera during a recent hike on the Snow Lake Trail in Washington's Cascade Mountain Range, with spectacular results. Here's proof of why we call this region the "Great Northwest."

"I had to climb way up high to get that one," she told me on the phone, describing one of the photos in her email. She thought I'd like them. Like them? Just looking at these scenes, while seated at my desk in Tacoma, is a mini vacation. When it comes to hiking, I'm kind of a wimp, but I've spent enough time in the mountains to be reminded, almost painfully, of what I've been missing.

Can't you smell the scent of sun-warmed evergreens in fresh alpine air? Have you ever experience the silence, broken only by a bird call, a bit of wind in the trees, or the clink of a rolling rock? It all feels so real that you might want to hold onto something so you don't slip over the edge. Enjoy.

Many thanks, Maryann.

All photos copyrighted by Maryann Huang 2010.

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