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Saturday, May 23, 2015

"BETWEEN SEA AND SKY" glass sculpture by Michelle Gutlove inspires Dance Theatre Northwest's new ballet at public unveiling May 30th

Gregory Peloquin and Amelia Arial in DTNW's "Between Sea and Sky"
 — photo by Maks 

The Atrium at the entrance to the Civic/Library Building in University Place, Washington, is already one of my favorite public spaces in the Northwest, and it is about to become even more beautiful. The pleasant daylight filling this large enclosure will soon shine through and reflect from a hanging glass sculpture, created by renowned artist Michele Gutlove from hand blown glass, with each piece featuring unique coloring and form. 

The artwork's title, "Between Sea and Sky," is also the name of a new ballet created by Melanie Kirk-Stauffer, artistic director of Dance Theatre Northwest and commissioned by the local arts advocacy organization called UP for Arts for the dedication of this installation. The ballet will be presented at 10 a.m. on May 30th, during the public unveiling of the artwork, at the University Place Atrium, located at 3609 Market Place, University Place, WA. 

Kirk-Stauffer is a longtime resident of University Place, known not only for her own impressive background as a dancer, but also for her choreography, teaching abilities, nurturing of students, and her outreach to the community. In November of 2014, the City of University Place recognized Dance Theatre Northwest for “Artistic Excellence and Lasting Contribution to the community." This multi-talented artist also designed all the costumes, each as unique as the pieces of glass visitors will see suspended from the ceiling. Like the glass, they will reflect the marine blues and verdant greens of the natural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. 

L to R: Amelia Arial, Lauren Trodahl, Oceana Thunder, and Allison Sakharov
Photo by Maks Sakharov
Kirk-Stauffer says she is, "... honored to be able to create a ballet that celebrates this new Destination Art piece that will permanently enhance our civic center." 

The "Between Sea and Sky" ballet, in three parts, will feature 
Amelia Arial, Gregory Peloquin, Oceana Thunder, Lauren Trodahl, and Allison Zakharov dancing to Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture as well as music by Evegeny Svetlanov and Peter Tchaikovsky. Costumes, choreography, and music, will all express the essence of our region's beauty. This public event is free and everyone is welcome. It lasts from 10 a.m. until 11:30. Please come!

All cast members (in alphabetical order) : Neal Alexander, Amelia Arial, Tremar Baptiste, Philandra Eargle, Olivia Estes, Madeline Ewer, Joan Fort, Nadia Niva, Gregory Peloquin, Solana Sartain, Olivia Stephen-Jordan, Oceana Thunder, Lauren Trodahl, Fancy Williamson, Emma Young, Allison Zakharov
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